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Jamie Philip

Jamie has been an entrepreneur since the early 2000s. After graduation from college, he worked as an Agriculture and Forestry volunteer over two tours in the Peace Corps, in both the Philippines and the Amazon rainforest region of Ecuador, then spent four years as a US Treasury bond trader on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. Jamie began his corporate career in logistics and operations management, responsible for launching, managing and leading the turnaround of various country-level operating businesses of a publicly traded company, from Puerto Rico to Jamaica to the Philippines, among others. He most recently spearheaded the successful development and operation of a large methane-powered waste-to-energy plant on the largest dairy and crop farm in Door County, WI.

todd holmes headshot.jpeg
Todd Holmes 

Todd is a career entrepreneur and founder of many companies in marketing, packaging and technology including Beer Across America, Goose Island Brewery and Liquidus. Currently, in addition to being the Managing Director of Harvest Moon Labs, Todd is a Director of Summerset Group LLC, an advisory and investment firm. Todd is also on the Board of Directors of The Leukemia Research Foundation. When not working, Todd spends time with his wife and six kids and is obsessed with KU basketball and the Chicago Cubs!

Joe Bihner 

Joe spent most of his career with ADP, starting as a programmer and eventually running North America Operations. Along the way Joe started, managed and grew businesses organically, and acquired then integrated roughly a dozen businesses. Joe spent much of his time ensuring things scaled and was managing $1.5B~ in Revenue when he retired in the fall of 2018. Joe founded the Summerset Group, a Growth Management firm in 2018 and spends time advising technology companies on getting cleaned up and optimized for an eventual exit.

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